• Approaches of Qualitative Data Anaylsis
  • How to use computer software for Qualitative Data Anaylsis
  • Processes and Stages of Qualitative Data Anaylsis
Introduction of NVivo
  • Introduction of work area of NVivo and interface (through pillot project)
  • Building a project and data origination by NVivo 10
  • Uploading data sources (texts, audio files, video files, image files) to NVivo
  • Configuration of data sources according to analyse approach
  • Transform audio, video and social media data into texts by NVivo
  • Create memos and annotations by preparing data to anaylse
Code with NVivo
  • Coding, making nodes, thematic coding, recall of data coded, re-code etc
Presentation of findings with
  • Query (text, word frequency, coding, matris coding,combined query)
  • Working on attribute values
  • Report, creating a graphic and seting a model
  • Revision and rearrangement of works, anaylsis
  • Satisfaction questionnaire for attenders
  • Discussion and Q-A period
  • General asessment of training

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