NVivo for Mac (Version 11.1),  NVivo 11 for Windows (Update 1) Available in October 2015 Free Update for Nvivo for Mac Get audio and video transcript delivered into your NVivo Project

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NVivo 11 for Windows brings exciting new flexibility and functionality to qualitative software with the introduction of Editions. No matter where you are in your research journey, there’s an edition of the most advanced qualitative software to suit your specific data organization and analysis needs.

What’s new

Simpler query design: We’ve redesigned the interface for the most commonly used queries so it’s easier for you to ask questions of your data.

Use Cases to represent entities like people and places: It’s easier to set up and analyze data if you use Cases to represent entities you’re investigating. Compare Cases based on attributes like age, gender or location.

Refreshed design: A contemporary new look means that NVivo 11 for Windows is now more intuitive and easier to use.

NVivo 11 Starter is for those working with text based data who want to use simple query and visualization tools. We’ve designed Starter to be easier to learn, and for those with less complex research needs.


Powerful analysis of text based data: Support for text based data sources like journal articles and interviews.

Seamlessly integrate with other software: Easily import data from reference management and note taking software so you can keep all your valuable information in one place.

Analyze, explore and visualize your data: Discover themes by analyzing words and phrases, and gain insights through visualizations that you can also use to communicate findings visually in reports, publications and presentations.

NVivo 11 Pro supports a wide range of data sources. From text to surveys and social media, it offers advanced data management, query and visualization tools, so you can ask increasingly complex questions of your data. If you're currently enjoying NVivo 10 for Windows, NVivo 11 Pro brings you new visualizations and a familiar, but enhanced user experience. NVivo 11 Pro contains all the features and functionality of NVivo 11 Starter and more, including;

Work with more data types: Manage and analyze data in different formats, including text, audio, video, images, spreadsheets, online surveys, social media and web content.

Brand new visualizations: Use Explore Diagrams to explore connections between project items; Comparison Diagrams to compare two project items; Mind Maps to brainstorm ideas; Project Maps to discover and analyze connections in your data and Concept Maps to map out ideas or see and present connections in your theories.

More powerful analysis, exploration and visualizations: Take advantage of time saving functionality that can automatically organize, summarize and group data based on set criteria. Ask complex questions and identify new meaning with queries, and use visualizations to ‘see’ your data and easily communicate findings.

NVivo 11 Plus includes all the functionality of NVivo 11 Pro, plus, social network structure analysis tools and innovative research automation features. It's for those who need to visualize, analyze and understand social network structures; and quickly understand key concepts and sentiment so you can reach conclusions faster. Let NVivo automatically discover emerging themes, patterns and sentiment for you in a matter of minutes.


Automated Insights: Use advanced automation tools to discover emerging themes and sentiment in a matter of minutes, quickly gain insights and reach conclusions faster.

Explore and visualize social network structures: Automatically create social network visualizations from social media data, or create your own from other project data. Use Social Network Analysis metrics to discover critical network roles like influencers, connectors and brokers and easily provide evidence of the relationships.

The new version of NVivo for Mac is a native Mac application that allows you to work with qualitative content from documents, PDFs, audio, video, datasets, web pages, images and social media. It provides the ability to organize, analyze and explore data using queries and visualizations so insights can be uncovered faster, while using a familiar Mac interface.

What’s new

Work with images: Import and analyze images – discover meaning in photographs, graphics and other images.

Automatically code and classify datasets: Save precious time by automatically coding the content of your datasets. For example, make sense of surveys faster by easily gathering all responses to a particular survey question, or all responses from a particular group of respondents for analysis.

Capture and analyze social media data: Understand what people are saying online. Use the NCapture add-on to collect and import social media data from Facebook and Twitter. Then automatically structure it for faster analysis and insight discovery.

Combine the powerful data analysis tools of NVivo 11 for Windows with NVivo for Teams, and take advantage of sophisticated multi user and data management capabilities. Your team can make informed decisions faster with effortless collaboration, streamlined project administration and the ability to work with larger volumes of data using the only available on premise collaboration solution.


Collaborate in real time: Reach findings faster by sharing data, expertise and insights in real time - enjoy no more project merging or duplication of work.

Enhanced data management and security: Avoid lost or stolen work with centralized data storage and back-up plans.

Robust account and risk management: Ensure compliance with ethical and regulatory data management policies and control access and unauthorized changes with role based permissions.

Enhanced scalability: Work with larger datasets and multiple cross-departmental users in the one project.

Provide clear and accountable evidence: Quickly justify conclusions and findings through one central point.

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